8 Cool New Features on the 2019 Porsche Cayenne

December 28th, 2018 by

2019 Porsche Cayenne Front

The 2019 Porsche Cayenne has finally arrived at Porsche Riverside and the new model is already turning heads. The Cayenne is one of those rare things that is truly the “best of both worlds.” On one hand, it’s a genuine sports car with all the performance, power, and handling prowess you’d expect from a Porsche. But astoundingly, it’s also a roomy, luxurious, all-wheel-drive SUV that’s loaded with surprising, practical features. Even more astounding, the all-new third-generation Cayenne is more powerful, lighter, quicker, and feature-rich than last year’s model. With so many amazing new features, the “best of both worlds” somehow just got even better.

1.) Paradise by the Digital Dashboard Light.

Along with being a high-performer on the track, the 2019 Cayenne excels in the digital arena as well. Every Cayenne comes loaded with the Porsche Advanced Cockpit control concept. The ascending center console with Direct Touch Control features touch-sensitive buttons for quick access to vital functions. Above the center console, you’ll be impressed by the new Porsche Communication Management system, which features an extra-wide (12-inch) full-HD touchscreen display and an online navigation module. As you grip the multifunction Sports steering wheel, you’ll get a heads-up view of the new instrument cluster. Along with the classic Porsche analog Tachometer, the cluster features two high-resolution digital screens that display virtual instruments, maps, and other info to assist you while driving.

2019 Cayenne Interior Dashboard

2.) Tread Lightly: The New Cayenne is Lighter and Quicker.

To improve performance, the 2019 Cayenne is now considerably lighter than previous models, thanks to the expanded use of aluminum in the exterior panels and body structure. The new Cayenne weighs 143 pounds less than last year’s model. Also, the new lithium-ion starter battery helps make the new model over 20 pounds lighter. Talk about an inspiring weight-loss story.

3.) A Staggering improvement: Staggered-width Wheels.

For the first time, the Cayenne base and turbo models come standard with staggered-width wheels, which means the rear tires are wider than those in front. Base and S models have 255/55R-19 fronts and 275/50R-19 rears. It’s a track-bred performance feature that enthusiasts will recognize from other sporty Porsche models like the 911. The new Staggered-width tires enhance steering precision and improve handling, not to mention stability and agility for a smoother ride. Just one more racing-inspired feature that makes the 2019 Cayenne perhaps the sportiest of all Sport Utility Vehicles.

4.) Comfortable at Any Speed.

Whether you travel for short distances or long trips, you’ll ride in exquisite comfort in the stylish, ergonomic cabin of the new 2019 Cayenne. Crafted in fine leather, the standard 8-way Power Seats were designed to give you the feeling of being behind the wheel of a Porsche sports car. The comfortable standard Power Seats come equipped with electronic adjustment of seat height, seat, and backrest, as well as longitudinal adjustment. In the back seats, up to three passengers will ride in style and luxury, thanks to the spacious rear interior and the ergonomic, adjustable seating.

2019 Cayenne Interior

5.) Drive in Beast Mode: Adaptive Air Suspension.

To enhance both driving dynamics and comfort, the new 2019 Cayenne with optional adaptive air suspension has three air chambers in each of its air springs. The use of three chambers makes it possible to enjoy an even better combination of comfort and sportiness because the spring rate is adjusted for each driving situation. The driver can choose from five newly defined off-road driving modes, with clearances ranging from a very low 6.4 inches in the high-speed setting to an elevated 10.4-inch height for off-road handling. Need a little help loading your gear into the back? The Cayenne adaptive air suspension can even dip down, thanks to its super-low loading mode for easier access to the rear cargo area.

6.) Rarified Rear Styling.

The rear of the new Cayenne has been completely redesigned and restyled. One of the highlights (no pun intended) is the sporty lighting strip that extends over the entire rear and emphasizes the muscular design of the Cayenne. The new taillights use precise, state-of-the-art LED technology and compliment the stylish design of the vehicle. It’s a strikingly elegant design that will not go unnoticed – especially when you zip past other drivers on the highway.

7.) Color Your Drive.

Adjustable colored ambient lighting, a brand new option in the Cayenne, accentuates the cabin interior with precisely targeted lighting accents. You can choose from a range of ambient color schemes to match your mood. And since you happen to be driving a Porsche, it’s probably a very good mood.

8.) Space. A New Frontier for Sports Car Lovers.

For a vehicle that performs like a fine-tuned sports car, the new Cayenne has an impressive amount of cargo space – up to 60.4 cubic feet of trunk capacity. The ergonomic rear seats can be folded down in the ratio of 40/20/40 to make space for your cargo. And, the sporty, comfortable rear seats offer ten different adjustment positions for the backrest angle for extra space or extra comfort. It’s truly a Porsche with more to love.

But that’s just a few of the many amazing new features on the 2019 Porsche Cayenne. Check out all the new features for yourself by heading into Porsche Riverside and taking one out for a test drive today.

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