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Introducing the All-New 2024 Macan EV

The Porsche Macan is a small Luxury crossover that has established a strong reputation over the years. For 2024, Porsche is bringing an all-electric version onto the market for drivers who prioritize fuel efficiency. We’re selling it alongside the gas-powered model, so you’re free to make a decision about which option suits you best. The all-new Macan EV has several potent power train configurations and an attractive array of infotainment tech inside the cabin for you to explore. Here are some of the highlights.

Porsche Macan EV Specs and Performance

There are two main configurations available in the 2024 macan EV lineup for Highland and Redlands drivers to choose from: 4 Electric and Turbo Electric. Both setups come with a 95-kWh battery pack and dual motors to ensure you benefit from all-wheel drive. Porsche Macan 4 Electric models are good for 382 horsepower, which is more than enough for most day-to-day driving situations. If you want a bit more acceleration for highway driving, the Turbo Electric can offer an impressive 576 horsepower.

In a nod to Porsche’s sporty traditions, the Macan EV is equipped with an overboost function to give you a temporary spurt of power as you set off. This feature boosts output to 402 horsepower in the 4 Electric and 630 horsepower in Turbo Electric models.

The base model is equipped with 20-inch wheels and all-season tires, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble tackling conditions whatever the weather may be. The adaptive suspension helps ensure a smooth ride for you and your passengers. It comes with a height adjustment feature if you’re dealing with rough terrain. Moving up to the Turbo Electric model gives you the option of 21-inch or 22-inch wheels, and improved torque on the AWD system for premium control at high speeds.

For added performance, you can opt for the Sport Chrono package. It adds a Sport driving mode that improves acceleration and handling, and includes analogue and digital stopwatches so you can monitor your start. Test drives suggest that the Macan EV Turbo Electric can manage 0 to 60 mph in a remarkable 2.9 seconds, while the standard power train achieves it in well under 5 seconds. If you’re buying this vehicle to push its performance limits, you’ll also want the optional rear-wheel steering for exceptional control when taking corners and handling curvy roads.

Porsche Macan EV Interior

The Macan EV’s interior has luxury written all over it. You get leather upholstery throughout, and the front seats are heated and have power adjustments. The dual-zone climate control lets you adjust temperatures in different parts of the cabin to keep everyone comfortable. Added comfort for the driver is provided by a heated steering wheel. Another bonus is that the interior Porsche Macan EV dimensions are larger than its gas-powered competitor for rear-seat passengers, who can look forward to more legroom.

If you step up to the Turbo Electric version of the Macan EV, you’ll get sport front seats with more power adjustments. Front-seat riders benefit from ventilated seats, while the rear row gets heated seats. The dual-zone climate control is replaced by a four-zone system that caters to each passenger’s individual taste.

Porsche Macan Range

Driving range figures remain to be finalized. However, we’re expecting it to outperform the larger Porsche Taycan EV, which can manage between 208 and 246 miles on a full charge. The exact range will depend on the power train configuration you choose. After test-driving a prototype, Car and Driver estimates that driving range on a full charge is likely to approach 300 miles.

The Macan EV is equipped with an 800-volt charging architecture that enables its battery to be charged from 10% to 80% in just 21 minutes. You can also charge it at home in Orange County with a level 2 charger overnight.

Porsche Macan EV Features

The infotainment features in this small electric crossover are impressive. You’ll get a 10.9-inch infotainment touchscreen to access your favorite options and a digital gauge cluster to monitor your vehicle’s performance. You can easily link up your smartphone with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s also a Wi-Fi hot spot and wireless phone charging for you to look forward to. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy your top playlist or podcast through a 10-speaker sound system.

Choosing the higher Turbo Electric trim gets you access to a premium Bose stereo and a passenger-side display for the infotainment system. You can also opt for a surround-sound system and a head-up display that can show navigation instructions on your windshield.

Standard driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control, which can take over acceleration and braking to keep you at a safe distance from other drivers on the highway. You also benefit from lane keep assist and a forward collision mitigation system that can apply the brakes in an emergency. In addition, you’ll have support from front and rear parking sensors so that you can maneuver into position while keeping your vehicle and passengers safe.

Several optional safety features are available. One is InnoDrive, which is an enhanced cruise control system that combines features like adaptive cruise control and lane centering to make your job behind the wheel easier. Another is the automated parking system, a feature that can move your Macan EV into the perfect parking position. The surround-view camera system displays obstacles from all angles on your screen from an aerial point of view.

Test Drive the All-New Macan EV at Porsche Riverside

As you can see, there’s no shortage of reasons to recommend the 2024 macan EV as your next vehicle purchase in Yorba Linda or Corona. If reading about its interior and exterior features has got you interested, why not take a look at it for yourself? Swing by our Porsche Riverside dealership to arrange a test drive or chat to one of our experts about auto financing. We can advise you on the best trim to meet your needs and explain the various optional packages on offer. Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you have any questions.

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