Battery-check Tips For Los Angeles Porsche Owners

March 14th, 2015 by

BatteryKeeping up with routine maintenance is an integral part of vehicle ownership. As a Porsche owner, you’re responsible for keeping your vehicle running like new; you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the power and performance you’ve come to expect because you forgot to take care of your Porsche’s regular maintenance.

It goes without saying that batteries are an important part of your vehicle. There are numerous signs that can indicate it could be time for a new battery; do you know what they are? At Porsche Riverside, ourLos Angeles Porsche dealer, we think it’s vital for vehicle owners to be able to identify signs that could indicate that your vehicle’s battery is failing or close to failure.

When you attempt to start your vehicle, do you notice a sluggish engine crank? If your car is taking longer than normal to start, it’s probably time for a new battery. In addition to a slow start, if your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, that’s also a good indication that the battery is on its way out.

Don’t Ignore the Signs Or You Could Be Stranded

 Typically, car batteries have a translucent casing that allows you to keep an eye on the battery’s fluid level. If Los Angeles Porsche owners notice that the fluid level is below the lead plates, it’s time to test the battery and the charging system. When it comes to batteries, looks are everything. In addition to noticing a low fluid level, a bloated battery case can indicate a problem. If the case looks bloated, blame excessive heat.

Sometimes, batteries leak and can cause corrosion around the posts (the + and – cable connections), removing the gunk will help. If you leave it there, your car may not start. Car batteries can last well beyond three years, but it’s important to have its condition inspected yearly once it reaches that three-year mark.

For more information about your vehicle’s battery, visit Porsche Riverside, one of the leading destinations for Porsche service in Los Angeles, or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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