How to Set the Liftgate Height on Your Porsche

July 19th, 2017 by

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At Porsche Riverside, we’re pleased to offer innovative, new Porsche models like the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, which all feature a power liftgate! The power liftgate adds a touch of convenience when you’ve got your hands full during a shop-till-you-drop excursion, and it’s especially convenient for shorter folk.

The power liftgate on these Porsche models can be opened and closed with just a wave of your foot beneath the rear bumper. And better yet, the height of the liftgate can be easily adjusted to just the right height to fit into the garage or to suit personal tastes.

Low Garage Ceiling? Adjusting the Height on Your Porsche’s Liftgate is a Breeze!

To adjust the height on your Porsche’s liftgate:

  • Open up the liftgate and manually adjust the height to the level that you’d like it.
  • Next, push and hold the open button until you hear the signal. (The signal signifies that the new height has been set!)
  • The next time you open the liftgate, it’ll open to your set height.

For more how-to’s or to get a first-hand experience of the models, like the Macan, Panamera, and Cayenne that feature the height-adjustable power liftgate, visit Porsche Riverside today! For more information about the Porsche models that feature a height-adjustable power liftgate, contact Porsche Riverside.

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