Porsche Approved Tires For Newport Beach Area Owners

August 10th, 2016 by

Tires play an integral role in the performance and safety of your Porsche, so it’s important that you pay close attention to them. From their alignment to tire pressure to the condition that your tires are in, keeping up with routine maintenance is imperative. At Porsche Riverside, we’re proud to offer one of the leading destinations to find Porsche approved tires near Newport Beach. Our highly trained technicians can help you find the tires that are perfect for your model, or perform any tire-related maintenance your vehicle may need.

Porsche service intervals near Newport Beach

Over time and even when properly inflated, the tires on your Porsche will wear. To prevent the loss of traction or a blowout, it’s important to replace your tires once the tread wears down. Not sure if it’s time to invest in a set of new tires? Figuring it out is easy, thanks to the penny trick! Find a penny and insert it against the treads of each tire—with the top of Lincoln’s head facing the tire; if the tread doesn’t extend past the top of his head, it’s time for a new set.

Not sure which type of tires fit your Porsche best? Our Newport Beach area Porsche service center can help! At Porsche Riverside, you can find an array of Porsche approved tires from many of the top brands. Tires form the only connection between your Porsche and the road, transferring high power to the road below—that’s why Porsche is one of the few car makers to undertake extensive tire development and testing.

The brand regularly publishes manufacturer approvals for summer and winter tires for all new vehicles. For classic Porsche drivers, the brand also regularly publishes tire approvals for vintage cars and modern classics. In fact, a total of over 150 different sets of tires are tested in a variety of disciplines on their respective original vehicles.

Newport Beach area Porsche tire service

Summer Tires

Summer tires offered increased responsiveness, cornering, and braking capabilities, thanks to their specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds that are designed to allow for improved precision on the road. Some of the Porsche approved summer tires include those from Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, and other top tire brands.

Winter Tires

It does snow in some parts of California, so it’s important to be prepared. Winter tires help your vehicle to have improved traction on slippery road conditions. They offer a balance of capabilities, providing exceptional performance in the rain and snow. Some Porsche approved winter tire brands include Continental, Michelin, and Pirelli.

To learn more about the tires you may need for your vehicle, contact the service department at Porsche Riverside.