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May 14th, 2015 by

Porsche Car ConnectAt Porsche Riverside, we’re excited to share that Porsche Car Connect and the Apple Watch have joined forced to bring you closer to your vehicle and help you to stay informed of your vehicle’s state. Want to know how many miles you’ve driven or how much fuel you have left? The Porsche Car Connect app on your Apple Watch shows you all trip data, including travel time, average speed, fuel consumption, and more. Porsche Car Connect includes remote services, vehicle tracking services, and E-mobility services.

Remote Services

The remote services allow you to access vehicle information and control selected functions remotely. We’ve all been there – you’re in a crowded parking lot and you can’t find your vehicle. Using the Carfinder function, you Apple Watch can navigate you to where your car is parked. If you’re in range, you can also use the watch to locate your vehicle by sounding the horn or flashing the lights

Nobody wants their vehicle to get stuck with the windows down or sunroof open when it starts to rain. A quick glance at your Apple Watch is all it takes to know whether doors or windows are open.

E-Mobility Services

Porsche Car ConnectThe E-mobility services offer information and options that are specially tailored for your Porsche with hybrid drive. In Porsche hybrid drive models, E-mobility services allows you to control hybrid-specific functions, allowing you to keep an eye on your average electrical energy consumption and the distance driven using purely electric power. You can also see the range, remaining charging times, and current state of the charge of the hybrid battery.

Vehicle Tracking Services

The vehicle tracking services help you protect your Porsche against theft and find it if the worst happens. The alerts function notifies you if a theft has been detected or if certain safety functions have been activated

For more information about Porsche Car Connect with the Apple Watch, visit Porsche Riverside at 8423 Indiana Ave in Riverside or contact us.

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