The Porsche Track Precision App Satisfies The Need For Speed

June 14th, 2015 by

Porsche Track Precision AppAt Porsche Riverside, we’re excited to announce that Porsche has launched the Porsche Track Precision app! Part of the Sport Chrono Package, the Porsche Track Precision app is available as an exclusive option for the Cayman GT4, 911 GT3, and 911 GT3 RS.

Includes the pre-fitting for connecting a lap trigger, which is available as an option from Porsche Tequipment. The lap trigger allows lap times to be measured even more precisely than using the GPS signal.

The Porsche Track Precision app allows drivers to perform a detailed and objective analysis of their driving style and lap times using synchronized data and video recordings. It utilizes vehicle data from an auxiliary control unit in the vehicle and the smartphone’s high-resolution camera and GPS signals.

How does it work? Before setting off on a drive, the driver selects the desired track – there are 60 international racetracks available in digitized form so far! Next, the driver has to affix the smartphone in a secure mount on the vehicle’s windscreen. As soon as he or she passes the starting line, the system automatically begins to record using the GPS data.

The Porsche Track Precision App Turns Everyday Drivers Into Racetrack Stars

The driver can see the differences in time, distance, and speed at a glance on the animated “ghost car”. Two vehicles are used to indicate the current difference in comparison to the reference lap on display; the car in front is the faster one. Performance is also visualized in the form of traction, steering response, and longitudinal and latitudinal acceleration.

The display also includes an animation of the 911 GT3’s or Cayman GT4’s cockpit with a steering wheel that’s synchronized with the video and simulated accelerator and brake pedals.

The data and video recordings are saved in the smartphone, which allows a video analysis to be produced immediately once the vehicle is stopped. Because of this, drivers can work to improve their performance on the very next lap!

The Porsche Track Precision app is available for GT models. We invite you to visit our showroom for a first-hand experience of these impressive vehicles and this intuitive app. To learn more, contact Porsche Riverside.

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