Porsche Riverside and Riverside Police Department Breakfast Social: A Success

December 8th, 2016 by

At Porsche Riverside, we’re proud to have teamed up with the Riverside Police Department for their Breakfast Social. The event took place on November 12th at the police station. During the event, we got to speak with several children, between the ages of 12 and 17, who are all going through a special program for troubled youths supported by the Riverside Police Department and the Riverside County DA Office.

Riverside Police Department Breakfast Social

None of these participants have ever been charged with a crime; instead, the goal of this event is to take proactive steps to prevent that from happening. The Riverside Police Department Breakfast Social featured Porsche Club of America members from the Riverside region sharing their stories about how they developed into successful members of society. The goal of the event is to show young people that through hard work and success, they could one day own a car like a Porsche.

Porsche Riverside & the Riverside Police Department Teamed Up to Help Troubled Youths

This community outreach event included successful Porsche-owning members of the Riverside Region of the Porsche Club of America. Porsche Riverside and PCA members spoke with participants about life and career choices, as well as opportunities in the auto industry. The kids got to sit in the cars, start them, ask questions, and much more. It was the event’s hope that by showing them something tangible, like a Porsche, it would motivate the participants to work hard for what they want. Porsche calendars and model cars were also raffled off, and coffee, doughnuts, and other breakfast food and snack items were served.

Riverside Region of Porsche Club of America & Porsche Riverside

For more information about this great event or our dealership, contact Porsche Riverside at 951-441-6194. To get behind the wheel of a new Porsche model and have your own experience similar to the participants of the Breakfast Social, schedule a test drive with us! Our dealership offers a wide selection of brand new Porsche models waiting for you.