Why Routine Tire Rotations Are Important For Rancho Cucamonga Porsche Owners

March 2nd, 2015 by

ServiceKeeping up with tire maintenance is an important part of vehicle ownership. Why? Because tires tend to wear unevenly as you drive. Tires are expensive, and getting a long life out of your tires before you have to buy a whole new set is important. Routine tire rotations can help your tires last longer, and save you money in the long run! At Porsche Riverside, ourRancho Cucamonga Porsche dealer, we recommend getting the tires on your Porsche rotated each time you get an oil change (about every six months) however; it’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a more precise maintenance schedule.

Routine Tire Rotations Can Save Money And Improve Gas Mileage

ServiceTreads on tires tend to wear unevenly due to a variety of factors that take place while you’re behind the wheel. Front tires wear differently than rear tires because they lead the car in making turns. Poor wheel alignment and unbalanced tires can also cause the tires to wear unevenly. We recommend that Rancho Cucamonga Porscheowners pay attention to the tire pressure and be aware of any abnormalities that could indicate poor tire alignment.
Regular tire rotations not only prolong the life of your tires and save you money, but they also help to improve gas mileage. With all of these fantastic benefits, it seems like regular tire rotations should be a no-brainer for vehicle owners!
When it comes time for your Porsche’s tire rotation, you can bring your vehicle in to the service department at Porsche Riverside. Our highly trained service technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional service in a timely manner.For more information about tire maintenance, visit our Porsche service center in Rancho Cucamonga or give us a call. You can schedule your vehicle’s next service appointment with us by clicking on the button below.


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