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If your engine isn’t running up to speed, visit our service center in Riverside. Our certified Porsche technicians can get your engine working at peak performance so you can get back behind the wheel with as little downtime as possible.

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When it comes to your engine, maintenance is crucial in ensuring your vehicle can perform let alone drive. Engines consist of many moving parts, so preemptive service is necessary to make sure the system is in good order. Although malfunctions can be noticeable to a driver, diagnosing the problem typically requires extensive experience.

Fortunately, we’ve serviced countless engines. By bringing your car into the Porsche Riverside Service Center, our engine experts can perform the necessary tests to identify and alleviate any issues with repairs or a thorough rebuild.

Signs it’s Time for an Engine Repair or Rebuild:

Check Engine Light Turns On

From a loose gas cap to vacuum leaks, the check engine light could activate for many reasons ranging in severity to your vehicle. At the least, you know something is wrong, which is why you should bring your vehicle in for a diagnosis.


When a healthy hum turns into a hissing, knocking, or backfiring, something isn’t right with your engine. Problems with the combustion stroke are a potential culprit, but the only way to know for sure is to have your vehicle serviced.

Engine Stalling

A stall is when your engine stops and requires a restart. Although a common occurrence with manual transmissions when the engagement of the clutch and gas pedals are not coordinated at the appropriate speeds, stalling can be a sign your engine is not receiving the right air/fuel mixture or spark. If your automatic transmission or manual transmission is stalling not as a result of human error, have it seen by a technician right away.

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Open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM, our highly trained technicians are available to provide cost-effective service solutions for your Porsche whenever it is most convenient for you. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or require urgent repairs, we want you to have peace of mind when you bring your vehicle in for service. That’s why our trusted Porsche experts provide you with comprehensive information on the condition of your vehicle when you bring it in for service. If your engine isn’t responding the way it should, schedule service and let us take a look.

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Porsche Riverside Service Customer Reviews:

“Recently, my Boxster was in need of a bit of service – the check engine light came on. I immediately called Walter’s Porsche Service & met up with my Service Advisor to discuss my options. As always, he greeted me with a smile & courteous greeting. Since I had told the Service Rep on the phone why I needed an appointment, he was aware of that, he gave me an approximate time frame as well as costs for analyzing. I also asked him to check a couple of other things which he said would be taken care of. Since my car was not available for a couple of days, he arranged for a loaner vehicle; I was on my way within less than 30-minutes.

My service advisor called me in a timely manner to discuss the services that were needed & recommended. He explained each service, answered all my silly questions, then provided me with a time of completion. When I picked up my car, he reviewed all services that were completed, we discussed those services he recommended to be done in the future, then Thanked me for my patronage – all with a smile.” – Itcwife (DealerRater)

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