Porsche Timing & Serpentine Belt Replacement

Our Porsche Riverside Service Center near Los Angeles is dedicated to helping you get the absolute most out of your Porsche. Keep under-the-hood components in check by visiting our service center to get the necessary replacements and services for all of your essential Porsche parts including serpentine and timing belts.

Porsche Timing Belt Replacement and Service

Your Porsche’s timing belt is designed to help you drive and precisely synchronize camshaft movements. Your timing belt will wear down over time thanks to general usage, temperature and stress.

The belt is housed within the engine and behind the timing cover, meaning the wear on your timing belt is always visible. If you’re experiencing issues with your Porsche timing belt, schedule a service appointment with us as soon as possible, and our certified Porsche technicians will take care of everything.

Porsche Serpentine Belt Replacement and Service

Belts allow your car’s rotating parts (alternator, power steering pump, water pump or A/C compressor) to keep turning. On each component is a V-belt or serpentine belt, which is one large multi-groove belt, which snakes all around the car’s rotating parts.

Your serpentine belt may show signs of cracks, fraying or splitting, which may happen over time. If signs of wear are severe, be sure to visit our Porsche Riverside service center near Los Angeles for a replacement.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible automotive service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Porsche Riverside Service Customer Reviews

“Great atmosphere and people I always am surprised the service quality is always spot on. The car is spotless when I get it back my service advisor always goes out of his way to help and keep me informed.” – cdroge (DealerRater)

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We want you to get the absolute most out of your Porsche, making driving a getaway rather than a chore. In order to maximize your vehicle’s potential, stay on top of your recommended Porsche maintenance schedule and visit our service center when needed.

If you have any questions about your Porsche timing belt, serpentine belt, or other potential issues your Porsche may be experiencing, feel free to contact us at Porsche Riverside. Our service center is conveniently located near Los Angeles.

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