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If your vehicle is having transmission trouble, stop by our Riverside service center. Our experienced technicians have serviced countless transmissions, so you can trust we’ll find the root of your transmission’s problems and perform the necessary repairs effectively and quickly.

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The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle – it converts the output produced by the engine to the wheels. A malfunctioning transmission compromises your vehicle’s ability to change speeds efficiently. Problems can be fairly noticeable, but fixing them is best left for transmission specialists.

Luckily, our professionals at the Porsche Riverside Service Center know transmissions inside and out. By bringing your vehicle in for service, we can take a look under the hood and repair your transmission so you can get back on the streets of Riverside as quickly as possible.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Transmission?

Transmission Slipping

When the transmission “slips,” it’s losing power provided by the engine. This issue can present itself in several ways, like if your gears change for no reason while cruising at a consistent speed. It might also seem like your car isn’t accelerating as it should while your engine’s RPM is increasing or if it’s suddenly underpowered.

Rough Shifts

Your vehicle might refuse to change gears when it normally would, or gear shifts aren’t smooth. Distinct “clunk” or “thud” sounds while shifting are common as well.

Delayed Engagement

This symptom occurs when there’s a delay before your vehicle moves forward when engaging into drive from park.

Fluid Leak

If you notice red or brown fluid in your usual parking spot, chances are your transmission is leaking. Generally, transmissions should never leak fluid, so you should get your vehicle serviced accordingly.

Transmission Warning Light

Even if you don’t notice differences while driving, a warning light is a telltale sign something is wrong. If you see a warning light, have your vehicle diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid causing costly damage.

Porsche Riverside service center is your one-stop-shop for both inspection and repair. When we find the problem, we take care to offer the best solutions.

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Get Your Vehicle Serviced At Porsche Riverside

Whether it be routine maintenance to repairs, our highly trained technicians are well-equipped for any of your service needs. You can schedule service whenever it is most convenient for you as we’re open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM. When it comes to transmission issues, our technicians kick it into high gear to get your vehicle running at peak performance again.

Porsche Riverside Service Customer Reviews:

“My service advisor is an exceptional service representative. He always keeps me informed on the progress of the repairs and is willing to go the extra mile. He is courteous and professional at all times but makes you feel comfortable and that he genuinely cares. Job well done! Thanks! – jtrmer (DealerRater)

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