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A chipped or cracked windshield can be viewed as not only a huge blemish on your vehicle, but a hazardous safety issue. When you drive with a chipped or cracked windshield, you’re risking your life, the life of your passengers, and the life of other drivers.

As an integral part of your vehicle, your windshield not only keeps you safe from wind, rain, and other debris, it upholds the structural integrity of your vehicle. To keep both you and your passengers protected from the unknown issues of the road, it is imperative that you replace or repair your windshield immediately once you see cracks beginning to form. Our Riverside Porsche service center can help you replace or repair your Porsche windshield easily and efficiently.

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The Importance of Replacing and Repairing Your Porsche Windshield

You know that replacing or repairing your Porsche windshield will protect yourself, your vehicle, and your passengers. Here’s why:

Having a clear view of the road: A cracked or chipped windshield will become a distraction, and you won’t have a clear view of the road. This will make it difficult for you to see the road, the obstacles, pedestrians, and oncoming traffic.

Upholding the integrity of vital car safety components: When a windshield is cracked, it will damage the factory seal that safeguards the car against climate and leakage. Due to this, it may affect how airbags deploy or the integrity of the car roof. It’s best to have the windshield replaced or repaired by the experts at our Porsche service center.

Protecting you from debris: The car windshield protects you and your passengers from debris encountered on the road. When you have your cracked windshield replaced or repaired, you will be protecting yourself and your passengers.

Porsche Windshield Replacement Costs?

The cost of replacing your vehicle’s windshield depends on the extent and location of the damage. If your windshield has too deep of a crack, for instance, you will need the windshield replaced outright, which costs more than a repair.

For an exact estimate, the certified Porsche technicians at our Riverside service center would be happy to take a look.

Porsche OEM Windshield vs Aftermarket?

Although aftermarket parts may seem appealing, we guarantee only genuine Porsche OEM replacement parts will fit your vehicle and uphold the same safety standards as your original windshield. OEM parts offer superior quality because they were designed by Porsche for your Porsche.

Fortunately, our Riverside parts department stocks OEM windshields for most Porsche models. Feel free to reach out to see whether we have the parts you need. If they are not currently in stock, we will be happy to order them for you.

Is a Cracked Windshield Illegal in California?

The California Vehicle Code 26710 deems cracked windshields and rear windows unlawful when they impair your vision.

You might be able to tune out chips and cracks during your drive, but to avoid a potential fine, you should ensure your windshield and rear window appear flawless.

Stop by our Riverside service center for a Porsche window repair or replacement.

Why Visit Our Porsche Service Center in Riverside

Our customers have been bringing their vehicles in for service at our dealership since 1960, and it isn’t hard to see why. Our technicians are expertly trained and make great use of the most advanced tools in our state-of-the-art service center.

They only use high-quality parts that come straight from the manufacturer so that you know you’re getting the right parts for your specific model, that extends to windshields and auto glass. We keep convenient hours here at Porsche Riverside to ensure we’re always open to meet your needs. If you find your Porsche requires further servicing, check out our service interval guide to determine exactly what you need.

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